At Dunston we take attendance very seriously and as a matter of course monitor every child’s attendance and punctuality. All schools are required, by law, to work closely with the Education Welfare Office, who visit school regularly to discuss attendance levels. In school, our attendance clerk works alongside our Every Child Matters link teacher to monitor the children and look at ways to help those with low attendance.
We follow the R.A.G monitoring system (detailed below) which helps catagorise attendance and areas of concerns.


Red, Amber, Green (RAG) Monitoring


Good attendance – in line with, or above national expected average, ideally where all children, according to the Department for Education, should aim to be.


Attendance below expected level - If your child drops below 96%, they are considered to be in amber, a warning that attendance has dropped and needs to improve.


If attendance has not improved from amber, despite intervention from school, Education Welfare will become involved, which could ultimately result in fines for persistent absence..
There are often legitimate reasons for attendance to fall, especially through illness, which is why it is vital, that as parents, you contact school on the 1st day of absence and follow it up with an absence note when your child returns to school. Try to avoid medical appointments during school time, or make them as close to the end of the school day as possible. It is important to avoid term time holidays, and please seek authorisation before booking as Headteachers are no longer allowed to authorise holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. An unauthorised holiday maybe subject to a fixed term penalty from the Local Authority (LA).





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